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its hard to admit...but...

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i sorta wish school would start up again....im pretty bored im still only getting like 20ish hours a week at work...i have today and tuesday off and not a darn thing to do...i would love to take a little day trip to santa barbara or solvang...but i have noone to go with and doing that alone would be a total bust...i would also like to go to disneyland....but theres noone to do that with either...except mom, but you can only spend so much time with mother before she really starts to get annoying ya know?

i made a goal for myself...i am going to finish a book before school starts up again...i mean seriously what else have i got to do..i have also taken up the hobbie of walking my dog alot like around town as oppose to in the neighborhood...it at least spices up the view a little bit...today ill robly walk her to marina....there is a park that i like over there so that should be enjoyable

what sux is that i have like nothing to take at school so even when it starts i will be boredd still...maybe i will actually do the reading for my classes this semester.
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