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Hot · Tea · and · Sympathy...

Seasons Change

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And so it begins, the blusterie breezes of winter whistle outside. And I have once again taken to blogging...mostly a result of boredom, and a pastime which , in all likelyhood, will loose its lure with the approach of spring.

I have had so much time for self reflection, and everytime I look at myself I am amazed at what God has done...I practicly don't know the person I was last January.

I miss home, my animals, the people I Love. I have come to believe that my friends are so amazing, so perfect, such a flawless matching of personalities and humors that I simply can not find comparison. I have seriously been blessed with some of the most amazing friends in the whole world...and I can not wait to go home and laugh at...I mean...with them.

side note:
I have decided that when I am writting and I want to say that I Love someone, I want to use a capitol L...cause I love them more than say...ice cream or raspberry iced tea from red robin or even roman cucina... and I feel there should be some kind of distinction. Though this distiction will not translate to verbal incounters...at least its a start.
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